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—— 17 years adhere to the ingenuity to create a better life

AAA credit enterprise

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Health and environmental

—— Factory direct supply for you a huge margin of profit ——

Athroom market is particularly hot and overlooked wealth depressions

200 million
There will be a bathroom with a room
Reconstruction of old city
The young group after 90
Trade shuffle
Xue yu 17 years

Services to attain the ultimate treatment only easy business

Professional team, let you operate without problems!

1. Direct supply of the manufacturer's price

The suppliers of fashion, health, environmental protection and water saving are supplied with sufficient supply.

2. Let you operate without worry

The designer, testing means, efficient management and excellent after-sale have become the warpage of the bathroom brand.

Technology bathroom series to enjoy intelligent life

  • Toto

    The elegant color LCD shows the water temperature and the high quality water fittings.
  • Whole bath cabinet

    Green environmental protection, high moisture resistance, not easy to absorb water.
  • Kitchen sink

    The integral molding process ensures the quality of the material, the basin body is stretched evenly.
  • Induction faucet

    Using modern digital technology, ultra low energy consumption, waterproof and moisture-proof.
  • Intelligent shower screen

    Ensure that the product is always bright as new, sprinkler sprinkler, exquisite design, uniform flow.
  • Intelligent clothes hanger

    Beautiful and elegant, novel style and strong bearing capacity.

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Lack of funds?

No experience?


Human resources?

Afraid to do bad?

Afraid business is not good?

Fear of backlog of stock?

Product quality?

Profit space?

After sale problem?

Providing effective solutions and assisting the whole process.


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